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Necip Memili, his religion, his age, his height, his nationality, his wife, his date of birth, his personal life, his city, the family in which he was raised, his artistic life, his films, his series, when did it start and did it end or not ?, The last of his works, his child What is new, all of that and more will be explained in this report.

10 About Necip Memili

Date of birth of Necip Memili: He was born on the 27th of May 1980 AD.
Birthplace of Necip Memili: Adana, Turkey.
Residence: Istanbul – Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish
His religion: Muslim.
Career of Necip Memili: An Actor.
Age of Necip Memili: 39 years in 2020.
His acting debut: 2005-present.
Astrological Sign: Gemini.
Years of activity: he started his artworks since 2005.
Hair color: Brown
His studies and educational qualifications: Graduated from the Department of Theater Acting of Shukurova State University.
Marital status: Married.
His wife’s name: Didam Deji.


Necip Memili religion

Necip Memili’s Childhood & Life Story

Turkish actor Necip Memili was born in 1980 and is now 39 years old. He grew up in the city of Adana. Turkey. where it is considered one of the largest cities in Turkey and is distinguished by the discovery of mines. He studied acting and was passionate about it.

He started his work in 2005 in the series The Fifth Dimension and has an honorable history and many works He took a role in the series The Sultan’s Harem. the historical series translated into several languages. and finally he took a starring in the series Amber. and Necip Memili said in one of the meetings that he loves to spend his spare time at his home and play pumpkins and his favorite hobbies are English language training.

Necip Memili and his wife

The Turkish actor Necip Memili married the fashion coordinator. Didam Dayji. where he appeared on social networking sites and Facebook that the reason for their sudden marriage and a small party among friends was that she was pregnant in her first month. and that they were lovers before he married her.

Necip Memili and his wife

Boys of Necip Memili

The Turkish artist Necip Memili posted on social media a picture of him and his pregnant wife in the last months of her pregnancy. “Idam Egy”. who was about to give birth. and he said that he would soon have a baby girl. days before Mrs. Didam gave birth to his wife and he invited many friends in the middle of The artist. like Barisch Urduch and the singer Jan Bonomo. is in a calm atmosphere. and they called it Asia and rejoiced it a lot.

Necip Memili series

Actor Necip Memili started his artwork in the year 2005 of the series The Fifth Dimension and his name was Ali.
In 2006, he did work on the series Selena.
In 2007, he made the backstreets. his name was Nawzad and forgive me. and his name was Mahkom, and he had a child. and his name was Salman and Busat. and he was the taxi driver.
In 2007, he made the falling leaves. and he was called Serkan. day and night. and took the role of Nuri.

In the year 2010. the Kingdom of Women. Ninh Khatun
In 2011 Prison Break I thought I can’t sleep when the moon grows and his name was Frederick is a stellar luxury hotel.
2012 did the work of the false dunya and Mrs. Della

In 2015. he made the series Do Not Make You Do Not Run. Brother. and his name was Ahmed.
2017. He worked in the series Harem Al Sultan. one of the largest historical series that expresses the Ottoman era and the Badr.
In 2018, he did the hole work and character and his name was Tolga.
He starred in the series “Mossi”.The role of Necip Memili in the series The Pit

The series The Pit is produced by the Moon Company. which is a series that combines action. drama. crime and gangs. and is divided into three parts. The series was born in 2017. the events revolve around a neighborhood called the hole under the control of a family. and in this place the drug trade is prevented. in the first part the son of the family left And he decided to travel abroad and after that he got acquainted with a girl and a love story began between them and he decided to marry her. and suddenly his mother went to him and told him that he must go with her to the hole. and he left his girlfriend and went. and here the conspiracies began to take the hole. and the eldest son dies and the illegitimate son appears.

In the second season. the gang seizes the pit. and the son tries to gain the trust of the people of the neighborhood and band together to confront the gang. in the third season. Yamish enters a mental hospital because he killed his father. and ends with the drug mafia and whoever controls Istanbul.

gelecek uzun sürer – The future lasts long in 2022- 2023.

Necip Memili in the series Our Lady of the Farm

The series revolves around a girl named Lulu or Kholoud who falls in love with Kamal while they work together in the same factory. but her family does not want her to marry him and to marry Mahmoud or Nizar because he is rich. so Kholoud decided to run away with Kamal and then Kamal entered prison. and the marriage arrangements began. From Nizar and when she goes to Muzaffar Bek farm. he falls in love with her.

She also falls in love with him and marries her, and they live happy. but then he is assassinated by Kholoud’s brother. Muzaffar’s sister and Nizar file complaints against Lulu to take her right to inheritance and these events take place in the city of Adana. the town of Necip Memili . Who is called Ramadan. Mahmoud or Nizar in the series Our Lady of the Farm. which combines drama and romance.

Boys of Necip Memili

The role of Necip Memili in the series Amber

Its events revolve around Orhan. who left his family and traveled to Germany with his sweetheart. He used to love a girl from a rich family and her family refused to marry her to him. While he was with her in one of the family’s factories. Laila’s brother (Musa) came to clash with Orhan. so he stabbed him and lost his leg. and after 20 years have passed. he went Moses went to Germany and found Orhan married and had a family and threatened him. but Orhan clashed with him and entered the hospital.

Moses later learned that he was ill with cancer and then returned to Turkey. Moses wanted to buy land belonging to Orhan’s father. but Orhan refused completely. and Orhan had a brother called “Wali” has a wife who always incites him to sell the land. and she agreed with Moses to kill Orhan’s father with poison and kill him. Orhan was scheduled to return to Germany. but after his father’s death he surrendered and cut Moses’s path and told him that we will not sell the land and the conflict has started between them.

Artist Necip Memili’s injury accident in the series The Pit

The artist. Necip Memili. was exposed to an accident that led to his transfer to the hospital. a Turkish newspaper published about this accident in which he underwent a minor surgery. and the treating doctor took pictures of him in good condition and reassured his fans who were attached to Jomali’s role in the series The Pit. and this accident occurred during the filming of the part The second of the series. he wore a Besiktas club shirt in the picture. and Turkish artist Necip Memili reassured his fans by commenting on the social networking site Twitter and saying that it is a minor surgery and he is in good condition.