Ali Buhara Mete religion, wife, series and biography


Ali Buhara Mete, his name, his history, his religion, his nationality, his life story, his most important works, films, series, personal information about him, the awards he has won, all of that and more, we offer you through a detailed report about him.

About Ali Buhara Mete

Place of birth: Istanbul.
Date of birth: 20-2-1983.
Age: 37 years old.
His religion: Islam.
Marital status Single.
Academic qualification: studied political science.
Father’s name: Omar Lotfi Mette, “famous writer”.
Mother’s name: Laila Mette.
Favorite hobby: singing, playing, and horse riding.
His astrological sign: Aquarius.

Ali Buhara Mete’s Childhood & Biography

The young artist, Ali Buhara Mete, is a Turkish actor and screenwriter. He was born in Istanbul, which is the most famous city in Turkey. His astrological sign is Aquarius. He studied political science at Istanbul Bilgi University. He started his artistic career in 1995 by participating in the drama series “Partners”, He also presented many distinctive cinematic works at the beginning of his artistic career.

Ali Buhara Mete

Ali Buhara Mete’s career begins with acting

He never expected to become a famous artist. despite his intense love for singing. He wrote several songs and directed some of them. In 1995, he began his artistic career through the series “Partners”. The series was a successful start to his artistic life. and he has also written many Films and series. he wrote the first episode of the sixth season of the series “Valley of the Wolves” in 2011. and considered 2012 the year that changed the fate of his life. as he participated in the famous drama series Valley of the Wolves. which is considered the best political action series in the world of Turkish drama. The longest running series of all time.


Ali Buhara Mete's career begins with acting

Ali Buhara Mete and his wife

Young artist Ali Pohara lives a quiet life while practicing his favorite hobby. and he has talked a lot about his marriage. but he has not married yet. even though he is at the age of thirty. and he always shares his life with fans through pictures and news. but about the marital status he has not declared. The artist has any news about her.

TV series with the participation of the artist Ali Buhara Mete

The young artist Ali Buhara Mete presented many Turkish series that won the admiration of many viewers in the Arab world. which was the reason for his widespread fame among his audience of Turks and Arabs. including

List of Ali Buhara Mete’s works

The series Partners in 1995.
The end of the road series in 2006.
series Ashraf my time in 2008.
The series “Safra Khalil Ibrahim” in 2010.
Series I met a woman in 2011.
Valley of the Wolf’s series in 2012 and continued until 2016.
Series on the wings of lovebirds in 2016.
The Artegirl Resurrection 2018 series.

Cinematic works by Ali Buhara Mete

Turkish artist Ali Buhara Mete participated in a series of successful cinematic and television works on Turkish screens. among these posts are the following:

Film Letter Box 2017.
Katara Resistance Film 2011.
Film unconscious love 2019.

Technical novels by screenwriter Ali Buhara Mete

The young artist Ali Buhara Mete wrote many novels at the beginning of his artistic career and he also participated in them. which won the admiration of many viewers. and became famous afterwards in the artistic community. and among these novels are the following:

Partners 1995 novel.
And the novel End of the Road in 2005.
Ashraf my time 2007 novel.
And the novel Safra Khalil Ibrahim in 2010

Artist Ali Buhara Mete won the Best Screenplay award at the 10th Kosovo Film Festival.

The most famous TV work of the artist Ali Buhara Mete

The young Turkish artist. Ali Buhara Mete. participated in a series of television series “Valley of the Wolves” from the middle of the seventh part. which is one of the first views until now. as Arab and Turkish viewers admired it.

Ali Pohara starred in this series from 2012 to 2016. and he played the role of Akef Devidi in the Keiji troupe. He was one of the most important characters in the series and received special training. The scenes he filmed are action. as he was a member of the National Security Agency before to become the head of the apparatus. and is one of the few people who know that Murad is still alive and occupies a place in front of public opinion.

He participated in three parts of the series. the seventh. the eighth and the ninth. after the United States launched an attack against the headquarters of the Kiji squad. at the beginning of the tenth part. he completely ended his role in Valley of the Wolves. and he mastered his role professionally and ingeniously. and his withdrawal in this way from the series is a great loss for all his fans.

The series was first shown on the Turkish Show TV channel. then it was dubbed into the Syrian dialect. and was shown on Arab channels. and the artist Ali Buhara Mete participated with the artist Necati Shashmaz. Kanan Joban. and a large group of top artists in Turkey.

His best act work

The young artist Ali Buhara Mete participated in the series Artegral Resurrection in the fifth season with the character of Morgan. alongside the artist Anjin Altan Dusiatan. the artist Genghis Joshkun. and a large group of Turkish artists.

This series is one of the strongest and best Turkish series at all. the artist Ali played a distinguished role. and continued in the series until the year 2019. and the series continues to represent the highest ratings list of Turkish historical dramas. and the series has achieved the highest record ratings and number of views. and the series has been translated into many languages Al-Alamiah. as it has been translated into Arabic. was broadcast on TRT channels in Turkey for the first time. attracting fans from more than 65 countries.

The series is based on historical events. but the dramatic format includes events and details of the author’s creativity. The drama aims to focus on Islamic values ​​and the original meaning of Islamic national civilization.

It is noteworthy that the series “Artegral Resurrection” began in the first season of 2014. the second season of 2015. the third season of 2016. the fourth season of 2017. and the fifth season of 2018. in which the artist Ali Buhara Mete participated.

His religion Islam

Ali Buhara Mete’s latest artwork

The Turkish artist Ali Buhara Mete. after the great success he achieved in his recent works. with the participation of the artist Ismail Hajioglu and the beautiful artist Abero Shaheen in the movie “Unconscious Love” in 2019. and the film achieved wide success. and the film was broadcast for the first time in cinemas in Turkey and Germany on December 20. 2019. and the events of the film revolve around a romantic dramatic story during the military coup in 1980. between a girl named “Minka” being treated in a psychiatric hospital and “Youssef”. a street vendor. who will meet together in the hospital.