Ismail Demirci and his wife

Ismail Demirci religion, girlfriend, Biography and Life Story



Ismail Demirci religion, girlfriend, Biography and Life Story

the hero of the series collision, comprehensive information, all available details, height, weight, age, wife, private life, religion, nationality, astrological sign, his works and secrets of his life, upcoming projects and biography, special details about his life, his talent, favorite sport and qualification Academic, and its social networking sites.

Personal card and special information:

Date of birth: November 13, 1984,  AD Age in 2018: 34 years.
Place of birth: He was born in Ankara – Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Height: 186 cm.
Weight: 80 kg.
Hair color: Black.
Eye color: black.
What is the religion of Ismail Demirci: Muslim.
Astrological sign: Scorpio.
Academic / Academic Qualification: I graduated from the theater department at Anadolu University Conservatory.
Wife or girlfriend of Ismail Demirci: Married to Handa Suralal in 2017.
When did his artistic career begin: He started his artistic career in 2010.
What is his favorite sport: his favorite sport is tennis, soccer, and swimming.
What is his hobby and his favorite works: his hobby is singing, raising dogs and cats, riding motorcycles and motorcycles, cheering on his favorite football team, as for his bad habits is smoking.

Ismail Demirci’s Films, TV Shows, and Dramas

Factory Girl – House of Sparrow – Keep Your Promise – Valley of Wolves – I Like Very Much – Violet Violet – Mothers of Mothers – Silent Night – Collision – Great Century – Two Sins of the Conqueror – My Father’s Sins – Mailbox – Father of Fathers.

Secrets. life story and biography

The story of the artist’s childhood. upbringing. study and education:
A well-known television and film actor. born in Ankara in 1984. after his university studies had collapsed. he studied computer programming at the university. then chose to study theater at the Institute of Music of Istanbul University. and his only dream became his acting work.

even his professionalism. it is known that he is an athlete and a fan. Playing ball games. such as tennis. soccer and swimming. he is also an obsessed soccer fan. and he has many talents such as singing. and he also loves to raise pets such as dogs and cats.

Ismail Demirci and his wife
Ismail Demirci and his wife

His artistic beginnings in acting:

Acting began in 2010. through TV drama. he presented the role of Assistant Doctor Muhammad in the series (Turkan). starring (Ozgurkan – Fatih Koyunoglu – Pinar Ogun – Rosgar Aksoy – Sinai Aksoy – Nisreen Kazankaya). in 2011 AD he played the role of Harun in the crime series (Traditional Mor). it revolves around three young people. Omar and Akef. and I thought. they live in a suburb. they are facing the most dangerous people in Ankara. the heroes of this work are (Berkay Akin. Zafir Al-Jouz. Ozan Arabashi. Omar. Mustafa Balsi. Elvin Besikyoglu. Essien Celik).
He participated in a small role in the work (I like it) in 2013 AD. then he got a bigger role in 2014 AD in the series Reaction. starring Celine Sweder. Erdal Biskajioglu. Yordayer Okor. in 2015 he played a movie role in the movie (Keep Your Promise). by Kamal Ushar . Directed by Oguz Celik.

Championship roles:

He started getting major roles and starring roles in 2016. he played the role of Burke in the comedy film The Father’s Father. directed by Raset Shilikizir. and for the writer Nuri Uzgul. co-starring the artist Burko Beneci. Erdal Sindoruk. Omar Jisoo. Menderes Samanslar. Burak Satybol. Ali Surmeli.

He played the role of Mustafa Pasha in the historical series The Great Century. Sultana Kossim. in 2015. starring Hakan Shaheen. Aslihan Gurbuz. Nader Sarpakak. The work revolves around Kossim who became a sultana. and was able to obtain power through her son and grandson.

I continue to present controversial cinematic works (Letter Box). directed by Pris Keremslioglu. and by Barış Keremsyoglu and Pohara Ali Mette. starring Onur Atash. Yılmaz Square. Tuncer Salman. Badrakhan Sural. Olas Torun. the events of the film revolve around Adam. who is 29 years old. Who is forced to travel. and the excitement and adventure begins after he and his friends organize a bogus military training program.

Also one of the most important works in which he participated in its starring. the historical war series (Fatih) or Mehmed the Conqueror. which revolves around Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror. is one of the great men who caught the rule of the Constantinian state. distinguished by strong intelligence and strategic thinking. dazzled the world. this work is starring (Kinan Imerzaloglu – Gorkan Uygun – Beshara Devili – Ertan Shaban – Hazal Velez – Fonda by Urijit).

As for his projects in 2018 AD. he is participating in the championship of the Turkish series Collision. with the famous Turkish artist. Kivanc Tatlitug. Melissa Pamuk. Chen Sanjo and Arkan Kan. Hakan Kurtas. Albrin Daimas. whose events revolve around a collision. in which four cars were injured. Who are they thinking about his life.

His personal secrets and relationships

Ismail Demersy married actress Handy Sural in 2017. in a simple family ceremony. in which he gathered close friends and family. they held a party at their home. and relatives flocked to their home to see their happiness. and a number of art stars close to them Burak Sevink. Aref Bishkin. Eiken Turkmen attended. Izgi Ayuboglu and Mert Ocal did not leave their friends alone on this happy day. and the dancing and fun continued until the early hours of the morning.

His artistic beginnings in acting
His artistic beginnings in acting