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The Turkish actor Caner Cindoruk,

or as some call it, or the perfection of the hero of the series “Lady of the Farm” series, series, artistic works, religion, wife, biography, date of birth, artistic works, his relationship with Turkish actress Farah Zeynep Abdullah, and also his relationship with actress Celine Shakurji, pictures and everything want to know about it in a full report.

Caner Cindoruk’s birthdate is April 17, 1980.
The age of Caner Cindoruk in 2020 is 40 years old.
The birthplace of Caner Cindoruk is: Adana – Turkey.
The citizenship of Caner Cindoruk is: Turkish citizenship.
Caner Cindoruk’s religion is: Islam.
Caner Cindoruk’s Wife or Girlfriend is: No Girlfriend and Unmarried.

Biography and life story of Caner Cindoruk

The artist Caner Cindoruk. a famous Turkish actor. was born in Adana in 1980. his mother is a supervisor and the mother of the writer Zafer Duruk. who won the Orhan Kamel Prize for his writings. For theater. Janier spent his early years behind the scenes of the theater and was always acting on stage in middle and high school as well.

also played several roles on the university stage. graduated from the University of Cukurova Department of Music Theater. after graduation he worked on stage until he became an actor A professional theater actor who worked as a theater actor for ten years. and his first role was as a well-known theater actor. the character of Yusef. who was embodied in the artistic work by Fahim Pasha Konagi.

in 1997 he appeared for the first time as a professional actor in the municipality group of Adana Sihan. which he worked for for a period Ten years. he moved to Istanbul with four childhood friends in 2006. and his first appearance in front of the cameras was with his participation in a film. After that. his work varied from work on theater. cinema and television. and he also worked as a theater director for a period of time.

Caner Cindoruk’s Wife

The scenes of Sultan Kossim’s series brought together the stars Farah Zainab Abdullah and Caner Cindoruk in a love affair that did not last for long. Unfortunately. the audience and also work colleagues were surprised by their separation after only four months who started their relationship and the reason is unknown and the reasons were not disclosed by either party.

After the separation. the actress traveled to Paris to spend a short vacation there. but after the cameras pursued her. they did not find her influenced by ending that relationship. Even though Janier went directly behind her to Paris.

He returned after a very short period of travel to confirm the final end of that relationship and he was at his age. 36 years old. and the star was twenty-seven years old. and she celebrated the end of that relationship with her friends on the social media pages. and that was at the beginning of 2016 AD. where the Turkish actor in this series embodied the character of the knight Mustafa Pasha.

After that. he entered into a relationship with actress Celine Shakerji. the heroine of the series innocent dreams as well. and this relationship lasted for about four years. but they separated twice during the four years due to jealousy. as the star stated in one of the meetings. so each of them was so pathologically jealous of the other that they no longer have them. The ability to solve problems between them. so they decided to separate.

A lot about his personal life

As we mentioned earlier that he was from an artistic family. his father was a writer of fiction. and his uncle was a theater actor. and that was a strong reason for his upbringing behind the scenes of the theater. which made him very fond of acting. and he had four friends who liked acting and were very close to him. and they encouraged him to go to Istanbul In order to start his artistic life as a cinematic and television actor after he was an actor and theater director.

they believed in his talent very much and they were the best help for him and that in 2006 AD and in the same year also he played a role in a cinematic movie and became a famous actor since that time so his career became Artistic began in 2006. although he started acting in starring roles on stage since 1997. but his real beginning was through cinema. and his television and cinematic works continued until now. and he proved his worth and talent throughout those years.

Caner Cindoruk Series

In 2007, he embodied the character of Elisher in the series “The Black Sun”.
And in 2008 AD. the character of Dr. Nazmy in the series “Waraqa Al-Sabb”.
And in 2009, he starred in the series “Our Lady of the Farm”. where he embodied the character Kamal. in 2011, he appeared in the series “The Celebration”. where he embodied the character Nader.

In 2013, he appeared in the series “Let it stay with us.” where he embodied the character of Mercury. and also appeared in the series “Love Under Fire”.

2016. he appeared in the series “Streets of Istanbul”. Embodying the Furat character.
And in the year 2016-2017 AD. he appeared in the series “Sultan Kossim”. The fourth part of the series Harem Al Sultan. in which he embodied the character of the knight Mustafa Pasha.

2017. he participated in the series “Let’s Rise”.
In 2017-2019. he appeared in the series “Woman” and embodied the character Sarp and also the character Alba.
And in this year. 2020 AD. he embodied the character Artan in the series “Zemheri”.

Caner Cindoruk Movies

In 2006. he made his first movie roles in the movie “benynemilie”. for which he became famous in the artistic community.
In 2008 he portrayed the character of Ghali in the movie “Late Spring” and also in the same year the character of Yusef in the movie “Farasha”.

2012 he embodied the character of a guardian in the movie “Katya Farewell” and the character of Farhat in the movie “Foreigner”.
2014. he embodied the character of Maher in the movie “Playing the Music”.
In 2016. he embodied the character of Jamal in the movie “Wakat” and also appeared in the movie “Dress it tight”.

Caner Cindoruk's Wife
Caner Cindoruk’s Wife