Kaan Taşaner Religion, Age, Wife, Series Information


Kaan Taşaner ,knew about his religion, his age, his wife, his mother, his height, weight, his artistic beginnings, his most important dramas, is he a Muslim or not, all this in a complete report about him we present to you, as the Turkish actor Kaan Taşaner is one of the most prominent stars of Turkish drama, who shines In presenting the role of Hafez in the Alwan series, this series was like a leaf of luck for him during his artistic career, and Kaan also excelled in presenting the role of Gundogdu in the series Artegral Resurrection, the series that became famous in a large number of countries of the world, in addition to providing a distinguished role in the series Mehmed Al-Fateh, through this report, we will talk about Kaan Taşaner in detail, we will also show his most important dramas, and we will talk about whether his mother has a hand in obtaining fame or not.

Kaan Taşaner Religion, Age, Wife, Series Information

Information about Kaan Taşaner

Date of birth: April – 23 – 1979
Age in 2020: 41 years
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Place of birth: Isparta – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Residence: Antalya – Turkey
Hair color: Light brown
Eye color: blue
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Mother’s name: Sajeda Tashanar
His most important works: What is the fault of Fatima Gul
Artistic Activity: 1998 – Now.

Life Story of Kaan Taşaner

Kaan Taşaner is one of the most handsome faces of Turkish drama, who participated in a large number of Turkish dramas that were shown in a number of countries around the world. He was born in the Turkish city of Isparta on April 23, 1979, but soon moved with his family to the city of Antalya and lived Most of his childhood and youth are there, Kaan is the son of the Turkish star Sajida Tashanar, who participated with him in the famous series What is Fatima Gul’s fault, in the role of Mustafa’s mother, and although the able actress Sajida is one of the most important Turkish drama stars, Kaan was trying as much as possible to find his way away by himself. About his mother, he got a number of roles during his great talent, he was very interested in art and acting since he was young, so he took a number of acting lessons, which helped him a lot to develop his talent.

Sports in Kaan Taşaner’s life

Besides being a high-caliber actor, his mother cared a lot about the sports side in Kaan’s life, so he managed to be a professional athlete during his childhood, but upon reaching his youthful age he became a first-class smoker, which led to major changes in his body structure, and he was not able To practice sports as before, and the smoking habit is one of the most bad habits that Kaan fell into at a young age, but he is keen to practice simple sports on a daily basis to maintain his graceful and distinct appearance.

Marriage in Kaan Taşaner’s life

In 2014, the star Kaan Taşaner got the opportunity to co-star in the well-known series Colors, and the series was one of the reasons that Kaan was found by the girl of his dreams, during the filming time he got acquainted with the actress Celine Karaji and a great love story arose between them, and the two continued to deny that story until they announced their marriage In the same year, Kaan and Celine lived a great love story, but soon the separation took place in 2018 without giving any reasons from the parties, and it is said that these days Kaan publishes pictures with a girl and there is a love story between them, but he denied that and explained that what They only have a friendship.

Kaan Taşaner in the series Colors

One of the series that has had the merit of knowing the actor as an actor with the Turkish public, and it is a youth series that revolves around a girl who was looking for love, and after a long wait she finds her lover who has long waited for him, but events turn upside down when her lover decides to leave her on her wedding day and the journey of revenge begins .

Kaan Taşaner’s most important works

Colors series
The series What is the fault of Fatima Gul
Artegral Resurrection series
Muhammad Al-Fateh series

Kaan Taşaner in the series What is the fault of Fatima Gul

In 2010, Kaan Taşaner got a distinguished role in the most famous series “What is the fault of Fatima Gul”, which was shown in a large number of countries around the world, and has become one of the most famous Turkish series during the last ten years, and the events of the series revolve around a poor girl named Fatima Gul preparing for marriage From her fiancé, and one day she is attacked by a group of young men, which greatly affects Fatima’s life, so her fiancé abandons her and tries to take revenge on those who caused her harm, until she falls in love with one of those young men who was about to assault her but felt guilty at the last moment, but He did not try to save her, so Karim tries as much as possible to compensate her for the harm he caused her, and Kaan presented the role of one of the young men who attacked Fatima, and it is interesting that Kaan’s mother, Sajida, was in the same series, but they did not meet in any scene during the events of the series. The series and its heroes are very popular after the show, and Kaan also had the opportunity to stand in front of two of the most famous Turkish drama stars, Engin Akyurek and Beren Saat.

Kaan Taşaner in the Artegral Resurrection series

In one of the most famous historical epics, the star Kaan got an important and distinct role in the famous series (Resurrection of Artgrel), which is considered one of the most famous Turkish historical series in the recent period. The series is a story of the life of the Artegrel invader, and an explanation of how the Ottoman Empire was established amid great ambitions around them, the series consists of 5 seasons, in the first season the author focuses on the cities of Aleppo and Antakya, and the conflicts and conflicts that they were fighting, with an explanation of how the confrontation of the Mongols and Tatars was at a time Turkey was trying to build its state in it, and the story revolves around Artgrel bin Suleiman Shah, who gathered about 400 people, and searched for a land where he lived with his army, to relax from the movements he lived due to wars, and despite the strength of their enemies, Artgrel managed to win On the enemies and the foundations of the Ottoman Empire, which spread widely between the countries of the
ancient world, Kaan presented the role of Gündodu that won the admiration of millions.

Kaan Taşaner in Mehmed the Conqueror Series

After his successful participation in the Artegral Resurrection series, Kaan was able to obtain a role in the series (Muhammad Al-Fateh), which is the series that won the required success in all countries of the world, and the events of the series revolve around one of the most famous warlords in the Ottoman Empire, Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, who managed Whoever conquered Constantinople and knew his time with justice and equality, the series deals with the last ten years of the life of Muhammad the Conqueror, with how he managed to advance the Turkish state during his reign, and it is known that the series had one of the largest budgets that were used in any series at all. With more than $5 million, the series was shown in the Arab world in 2018.