The story of the Turkish series Rekabet Competition heroes and showing dates

Rekabet – Competition The story of series cast, and showing dates

The story of the Turkish series Rekabet,- Competition heroes, and showing dates

The Rekabet series and details about its story, to everyone who waits and loves the new Turkish series, we gathered for you, exclusively, many information and details about the new Turkish series Rekabet, the story of the series, information about its heroes participating in it, and other details and a group of pictures of the series and its heroes.

Turkish series Rekabet

Series name: Rekabet / in Arabic, Rekabet
The series is produced by: the Turkish company Al-Qamar
Series Screenplay: Sima Arjunikon
And among the most important of her works is the love of eggs and lions – the forbidden love – the tribes
The series is directed by: Ali Bilgin
And the series will be filmed entirely in Turkey

The names of casts of the series Rekabet

Çağatay Ulusoy / Çaatay Ulusoy
Aybuke Pusat

Pınar Deniz

Research is currently underway from the series’ team on selecting the rest of the cast of actors involved in the series and working on selecting top stars in Turkey.
Rekabet series story
It is known that the stories of the Turkish series are interesting and exciting in their events, and different from the stories of other series around, and this made them have a large audience and lovers in Turkey and the entire Arab world.
Among these exciting and interesting series that are eagerly anticipated to be shown is the series Rekabet, whose story revolves around a great struggle and fierce competition in the atmosphere of work and companies.

The series contains a number of different conflicts and rivalries between a group of people who work in a law firm in a dramatic and social aspect. The series deals with many important issues that are raised, discussed and narrated through the series and it is a series that is different in its story and events than many From the Turkish series.

This is in addition to the presence of some interesting and enjoyable romantic love stories that touch many people’s feelings and their experience of passionate and romantic love stories, and does this love continue in an atmosphere full of conflicts and intense rivalries, or does this love turn into common interests between individuals in the emotional relationship, We and the entire Arab world are waiting for this exciting and wonderful series to follow.

Rekabet show dates and channels

The Turkish series Rekabet will be shown on Star TV and Show TV 3 Turkish.
Information about the heroes of the series Rekabet
Aybüke Pusat
She is a Turkish actress and actress, born in 1995 in Ankara, Turkey, her mother is of Tatar origin and is the youngest of her sisters. She lived with her family in Ankara until she completed high school. Actress Ibuki Bossat loved art and adored it since her childhood, especially the art of ballet and dance, so she would watch ballet actresses On television, she mimics their movements and dances, and she wished to become a famous ballerina like them.

She insisted on that, and after obtaining high school, she joined the Institute of Music, Ballet Department, Haji Tepe University in Turkey
Then she joined the Faculty of Commerce, Department of Business Administration, with open education at Anadolu University, and at that time she was working on taking acting lessons and joined an agency to teach acting.

Her artistic career began in 2014 and her first work was the Turkish drama series “Extend and Islands” with the role of Elif, and then she got a golden opportunity to participate in the famous series That Is My Life as Zainab, and the series achieved unrivaled success in Turkey at the time of its presentation.

Her fame and launch increased more and more through the great series The Testament in the role of Dr. Bahar. As for the workers of the actress Ibuki Bossat during her artistic career so far, she presented the series “Extended and Islands” – The series The Five Brothers – This is My Life – The Family – Al Ahd – Tal Shaheen – You are in all Makan, in addition to her participation in only one cinematic work, which is Nardin Film.

Turkish actor Çağatay Ulusoy

He is a Turkish model and actor. He was born in 1990 in Istanbul, Turkey. His father is of Turkish origin from Bulgaria. His father immigrated to Turkey when he was 10 years old. Actor Chatay has one younger brother named Atalay. After the actor Shatay got his high school education, he joined Istanbul University, Department of Design. Gardens and landscaping.

In 2010, he started working as a model, and at the age of 19 years, he won the title of best model in Turkey through the modeling competition and also won the title of the best model of the year, Adini.
In 2011, actor Chatay got his first acting show through the series Anadolu Kartallari, and after that he participated in his first film Feriha Koydum Sarrafoğlu as Prince.

Actress Pinar Deniz

Turkish actress Pinar Deniz was born in 1994 in Adana, Turkey, and her astrological sign is Scorpio, and she is from an Arab family, since she was 2 years old, her grandmother recently passed away due to COVID-19, Corona virus.
Actress Pinar Deniz joined Istanbul University in the Department of Public Relations and Advertising, and during her studies at the university, she got her first opportunity in acting through the series “Scan from the Beginning”, after which she appeared in a video clip with the famous Turkish singer Murad Dalcic entitled Yani
In 2015, she participated in the series White Lie, and a year later she participated in the series You are My Country, in 2018 she participated in the series Crazy Wind. In 2020, she appeared in the series 101, which made her a sensation and great popularity through her embodiment of the character Sensin.