The story of the akıncı series, casts, and dates


The story of the akıncı series, heroes, and its showing dates To all the lovers of the new Turkish series, we have collected a report for you about the story of the akıncı series, information about its heroes, its show dates, the channels presenting the series, and a group of pictures of the series and its heroes.

Details about the akıncı series

Screenwriter: Veli Çelik, Director: Hakan Kandal

Work crew of Akıncı

Shukri Uzildiz as Fateh, the action hero
Ayça Erturan
Berrin Arısoy
Aybuke Pusat
Yıldıray Şahinler
Deren Talu
Didim Insel
Tolga Tekken

The story of the akıncı series

As usual, Turkish soap operas tend to be mostly romantic, and this series is considered one of the distinct romantic dramas that tend to be very romantic in its events. Young Fateh is talking about a young, handsome, brave young man and he has his own point of view that he does not believe in something called Love and he considers that to be just fantasies and an illusion unless what he does not expect is to meet a beautiful girl named Velez, who is a 30-year-old girl, and he enters into his life and with time falls in love with her to the point of adoration and becomes his whole life and changes his view of love Completely .

See what that girl did to make him love her all this love. That is what we will know by following the events and episodes of the series that are awaiting many of the audience in Turkey and abroad.
The date of the show Akinde series and its channels

The akıncı series will be shown in Turkey during September 2020, and the series will be shown on NTC Media and ATV channels.

Information about the Work crew of the Akıncı series

 Sukru Ozyildiz as Fateh, the hero of the series

He is a Turkish actor, born on February 18, 1988 in the region of Izmir, Turkey, and he is a Muslim, his father is a Turkish national. His mother is from Rome from Rhodes, and his mother died as a young child and lived with his father, during the secondary stage of his education, he participated in many school plays.

Shukry got a bachelor’s degree in ship mechanics engineering from Istanbul University and after that he joined Aegean University to study technology, but it was only for one year and he left it. The actor wanted Shukri to join the Conservatoire at first, but his father refused completely, because he wanted to work with him In the family company that his father owned, but he refused to work with him in the company and wanted to become an actor.

After he graduated from university, his father’s company went bankrupt, and at that time his father told him, “I wish you were an actor,” and his father replied to me, saying, “Oh, you allowed me to do that.” Then his father decided to help him and stand by him to become an actor, and the actor really entered the world of acting in 2011 He became one of Turkey’s most famous stars.

He participated in many Turkish artistic works, whether dramas or cinematic films, and one of his most famous series in which he participated and known to the public is the series, The Hope Keeps – Winter Sun – The Little Lies – The Shepherd’s Star – The Sweetness – A Matter of Honor – Çoban Yıldızı and others.

Actress Aisha Arturan as Velez, the heroine of the work

She is a Turkish actress, born on August 1, 1983 in Turkey, his father works as a banker, while her mother is a housewife who received her education from Istanbul schools, as for the undergraduate she graduated from Marmara University, Department of MSM Radio and Television Department.
While at the university, she studied acting in Pera Fine Arts, and took courses in theater art at the Besiktas Cultural Center in Turkey.

She worked in many commercials, and in 2004 she entered the field of acting and participated in many different plays, after which she appeared in drama series, and her first television series was the series The European Side, and then she participated in the Theater Bunch series – Very Beautiful Movements – Flee the Rain – Married and Grumpy – Women, actress Aisha Erturan has been married since 2014 to serf Oğulcan Kırca.

Actress Bushra Devili

The Turkish actress, Bushra Devili, was born on August 25, 1993 in Izmir, Turkey, after obtaining the primary stage in Istanbul, she moved with her family to Antalya and continued her studies there, and after obtaining the high school stage, she returned to Istanbul to study theater and acting there, she applied for exams and Talent tests, and she passed them and completed her studies at Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts, Department of Theater.

Her first appearance as an actress was in the Turkish song Orkestrası and İlyas Yalçıntaş, her first work was in 2015 through the series Selin, and then she participated in the Pretty Little Liars series and the Little Liars series and also in Sweet Revenge, and she participated in many Turkish films, including Ayla. – Museum of Ultimate Love – Come on, Boy – In Between – Karakomik Movies 2; Angry.

Actress Ayubuki Busat

Turkish actress and actress Ayubuki Busat was born on May 25, 1995 in Ankara, Turkey. She is the youngest of her siblings. She studied ballet after obtaining high school, then joined the Institute of Music, Ballet Department, and then studied Business Administration at Anadolu University.
She worked for a while in the modeling business and then took acting lessons from an educational acting agency.

She started her artistic career in 2014 and appeared in the series “Extend Islands”, and then she participated in the famous Turkish series, That’s My Life. Or the door in Arabic and that is 2019.

The mighty actor Yıldıray Şahinler

He is a Turkish actor, writer and director. He was born on February 7, 1986 in Istanbul, Turkey. From a young age, he liked art and acting, and when he reached the age of 18, he joined the Istanbul theater and worked for several years and became one of the founders of the well-known theater group. In the name of Istanbul Folk Theater, Tayfun Kuzu.

Actor Yıldıray Şahinler started his artistic career since 1986 and participated in many Turkish series and films, and he is famous for the character of Muhammad in the Turkish series Little Tefek Murders. He won many awards during his long artistic career and besides acting in theater, cinema and television, he directed Many different plays, including the play The Old Fisherman and the Sea – Moliere’s Play – The Christmas Party: Harold Pinter – Days of Flames – Powder Barrel: Dejan Dukovsky.

The story of the akıncı series, heroes, and its showing dates