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Gem Yilmaz his religion, his age, his wife, complete information about him Gem Yilmaz, the Turkish comedian, his religion, is he a Muslim or Christian, his date of birth, his age, his family life, his wife and whether he had children or not, all that and more through a complete report on him and complete information about his life.

Information on Gem Yilmaz

Full name in Arabic: Gem Yilmaz.
Name in English: Gem Yilmaz.
Date of birth: April 23, 1973.
Place of birth: Istanbul, Turkey.
Religion Muslim.
Nationality: Turkish.
Profession: Actor, cartoonist, filmmaker, screenwriter, and voice performer.
Astrological Sign: Taurus.
Marital Status: Separated
Sons: Kamal Gem Yilmaz.
Age in 2020: 47 years old.

Gem Yilmaz Life Story

Gem Yilmaz is a Turkish actor known for his comedic roles and excelled in them. He was born on the 23rd of April 1973 in Istanbul, Turkey. He studied at Bagcilar Kazem Karabeker High School and then joined Bogazici University and studied in the Tourism and Hotels Department.

He worked in the satirical Turkish magazine Lyman and drew in it. Satirical Comics Draws and was his first stand-up comedy show at Lyman Culture Center.

He was famous for comedy, and although he did not want to complete these roles, but after the positive reactions from the fans, he decided to continue.

He attracted many audiences to the Culture Center in the city of Besiktas in Turkey. Tickets for his shows sold for the highest amounts, amounting to about $140,000. He also played acting roles and worked in the field of voice performance as well as a screenwriter, filmmaker and musician.

One of the most prominent films presented by the movie The Magician in 2006, he announced that he would take a break from Stand Up comedy shows and that in 2013, he entered the Turkish cinema industry and worked in the theater and presented many theatrical productions.

He became an advertisement face for many commercial products. Gem Yilmaz was associated With the Turkish actress Serenay Sarikaya, he also had a relationship with the Turkish actress Dafna Samili and married in March 2012 to Ahu Yaitu and had a son, Kemal, but they separated in December 2013.

The career of the star Gem Yilmaz

He started working in comedy magazines, then he started in theatrical work and stood on stage more than 4000 times, and worked in the film industry and made many commercials and won several awards, he presented several films and series in television and cinema, most notably C.O.R.A, in 2004.

Gem Yilmaz Movies and Series

• Jugglers and Western Sherlock.
• Crazy love.
• Animals City.
• Ali Baba and 7 people.
• The last hope.
• Hunting season.
• Organized affairs.
• Participated in the movie C.O.R.A in 2004.
• He participated in the movie A.R.O.G in 2008.
• Participated in the movie Yahsi Bati in 2010.
• Participated in the movie “Riding the Magic Carpet” in 2005.
• He participated in the movie “The Magician” in 2006, one of his most prominent films.
• Participated as a guest star in the popular series “V” with his friend, actor Ozan Jovin.

Gem Yilmaz in “Fi”

Some news have been published recently about the Turkish actor Gem Yilmaz joining the Fi series as a guest of honor for two episodes, and he participated in the series to support his close friend, the Turkish actor Ozan Govin, the series is an adapted novel with the same name and its events revolve around a student who studies music and always dreams to dance On the stage, it is written by the writer “Azar Cohen” and the series is co-starring Turkish actress Serenay Sarikaya, actor Özge Ozpernice, actor Sadit Aksoy, actor Mehmet Gunsur, actress Perak Tuzunatak and others.

Advertisements Gem Yilmaz

Gem Yilmaz made several advertisements and was the face of many commercial products such as Panasonic, Opt, Turk Telecom, Turkey Business Bank, Doritos.

Gem Yilmaz and Serenay Sarıkaya

The Turkish actress, Serenai Sarikaya, entered into a new emotional relationship after her separation from the famous Turkish actor Karam Bursin, and it was reported that she had a relationship with comedian Gem Yilmaz, who is about 20 years older than her, and they remained tied for several months without anyone knowing, but after watching them together in One of the nights and their taking private photos, they confessed this, and a journalist asked Serenai about the truth about her relationship with the star Gem Yilmaz, and she replied, “Yes, I have a relationship with Jim,” after returning from her vacation in Athens, which she did not spend alone,

As for the actor Gem Yilmaz, he was embarrassed by a journalist when he asked him directly, “I said about Jennifer Lawrence that she is too young for me and she was 29 years old, but Serene is 28 years old, and yet I related to her?” Jim replied, “Do you work in the soul circle?”
The audience of Serenai Sarikaya also described her choice as a wrong one and that it is only a choice of interest and not love, because she preferred to be associated with Gem Yilmaz, the successful famous actor who is many years older than her and left her lover Karam Bursin, the young actor, but he is not hugely successful like Jim, which increased her audience’s dissatisfaction. If that decision.

Gem Yilmaz and Defne Samyeli

Communication sites circulated news about a relationship between Gem Yilmaz and Turkish actress Devna Samili, at the same time that his relationship with actress Serenay Sarikaya appeared, but Dafna was bothered by this news and asked the journalists to stop spreading rumors, but after confirming the relationship of Serenai and Gem Yilmaz, Dafna apologized to reporters On saying that they are rumors, Serene has also confirmed that it was not the reason for Gem Yilmaz’s separation from his sweetheart, Daphna Samyeli.

Gem Yilmaz and Cansu Dere

There was a relationship between Gem Yilmaz and Jansu Dere in 2005 and they did not continue and separated after three months in December 2005, but their relationship returned again in 2011 due to his unwillingness to marry, and while they were preparing for marriage, news spread about Jim’s relationship with Gansu’s friend, which is Ahu Yagtu in 2012, and after the news of her pregnancy, which was a shock to Gansu, appeared, she decided to separate from him and then prepared for a new relationship with the famous journalist Jim Aydin, but their relationship did not last long and they separated in June 2012.

Actor Gem Yilmaz gets married

News spread in January 2012 that Gem Yilmaz is in a relationship with model Ahu Yaitu and then published other news that she is pregnant. December 2013.

Gem Yilmaz wife
Gem Yilmaz wife