Doctor Foster series story Cast and show dates

The story and dates of the Doctor Foster series
To all lovers of Turkish drama, we have brought you a report on the story of the Turkish series Doctor Foster, which is exclusively new, information about the story of the series, the dates of the Doctor Foster series, the heroes of the Doctor Foster series, and many other details and a group of pictures of the series and the heroine of the work.

Turkish series Doctor Foster

The series is directed by: Neslihan Yeshiljurt
Number of seasons: 2

The story of the Turkish series, Dr. Foster

The series is based on the story of the famous American series of the same name Doctor Foster, which achieved great success in the United States at the time of its release and had a high viewership and was shown there in 2015-2017 on the BBC channels.

Doctor Foster is somewhat different from the recent Turkish dramas in terms of its content, story, and events
This series is characterized by the presence of a tremendous amount of emotions that affect the human psyche, as it is considered a psychological thriller series and includes many details and touches the audience who loves works that include in their events the psychological aspect and various feelings
Doctor Foster is expected to have more female fans and followers.

The events of the series revolve around an ordinary family who lives in a quiet village, and the family’s life is going normally and fine, but one day the life of this family is upside down and the unexpected happens, where you find Simon, who is the wife of Dr. Jimma Foster on his clothes A yellow lock of hair for another woman and she discovers that he is in a secret relationship with her.

Intense feelings of jealousy arise within her as a woman when she discovers that her husband is betraying her with another woman and feels that she has been deceived by the closest person to whom she loves so much, and these exciting feelings filled with anger and sadness turn into a desire for revenge, especially since Simon, the heroine of work, suffers from many psychological disorders. And she lives in a state of constant tension with everyone around her and is in a state of constant internal conflict.

How far do these tensions reach between the spouses and what does this wife do when she learns of his betrayal and how to act in this problem. All this we will know from following the events of the exciting drama series.
Show dates for the Doctor Foster series and its channel
Doctor Foster will soon be shown on Turkish Kanal D channels.

The Cast of the Doctor Foster series, Gansu Derry

She is an actress, actress, model and presenter of Turkish programs. She was born on October 14, 1980, in Ankara, Turkey, and her religion is Muslim.
The family of actress Cansu Deri was a Turkish immigrant from Greece and Bulgaria. She lived and grew up in Istanbul. She received her primary and middle school education in Izmir, Turkey.

In 2000, actress Gansu participated in the Miss Universe contest and became a runner-up for Miss World. She joined Istanbul University in the Department of Archeology, but she did not pay much attention to her studies because of her work in the field of fashion and participated in fashion shows for important names in the world of fashion and fashion such as “Hakan Yildirim.” Hankirz Abazoglu, Umit Unal, Efrem Timur, Arezo Cabrol, Bahar Korchan and Delek Hanif.

Actress Gansu represented Turkey in international organizations for fashion shows as a well-known face and also participated in Paris in 2002-2003 in various fashion shows. She designed clothes and costumes for a number of famous photographers. After her work for a period in the field of fashion, she decided to enter the world of art and acting and It was her first appearance on the screens in the program “Children and Music” in 2000.

In 2004 she presented an entertainment competition entitled “Turkey’s Stars” and also participated as a broadcaster in the “Fashion is a Lifestyle” program and presented it to 2005. She started her artistic career for the first time in 2004 and participated in the series “Palace in the City” directed by Hilal Saral. In it as “Nazan”, in the same year, I participated in another dramatic work, “Twilight”, with the character of Ermak Bozooglu.

In the following year, she appeared in the series “Autumn Fire” as Gaylan, and through this role she was able to draw attention to her and the audience’s knowledge of her, and her name became known. Then she participated in the movie “House of Nightmares” as the character of a village girl from the countryside, directed by Zainab Junai.

Actress Jansu got the absolute starring role for the first time through the series “Sila” with the actor Muhammad Akef Allakot, and her fame increased widely after this series. In 2007, she presented a movie entitled “Yandim Ali, the Last of the Ottomans” and co-starring actor Kinan Imerzalioglu and watched The movie has more than a million people.

In 2007 I participated in the lead role in the movie “Bitter Love” directed by Taner Ilhan. In 2009, I participated in the series “Ezel”, which caused a sensation in Turkey at the time of its presentation. In the same year, I participated in a movie called “Spies” and embodied it. The role of an officer in the police.

In 2012 she starred in the movie “Hand engraving” and later she participated in the movie “River in a small town at this time” in the role of Zainab working in a pharmacy, and in 2016 she played Zainab in the drama series My Mother, and then she participated in the series “ The Sultan’s harem with the Iranian character Fairuzah.

As for the awards that actress Cansu Dere won during her artistic career, she won more than one award for her role in the Turkish series My Mother, and she won the Best TV Actress Award, the Woman of the Year Award and also the eighth KTÜ Media Award as Best Actress.

As for the personal and marital life of actress Gansu Derry, she was married more than once, and her first marriage was to the Turkish actor Najat Esler, and that was from 1998 – 2000, and they separated, and the second marriage was from Okan Bayulgen and the marriage between them lasted only two years from 2000 – 2002, and they divorced.

From 2003 – to 2009, her marriage to comedian Jim Yilmaz and the couple decided to separate, in 2012 she married actor Cem Aydın and separated from him in the same year and their marriage lasted only a few months.

Actress Gansu Derry is known to be a mysterious figure in everything, even in her personal life, and she does not like photography or pictures and does not prefer to reveal the details of her personal life, and she is talking to the press and the media.

Doctor Foster series story Cast and show dates
Doctor Foster series story Cast and show dates